In my workshops, I prioritize quality over quantity. This explains why I like to keep the number of participants small, so that I have the time to get to know each one of them well to be able to cater to their individual needs and aspirations.


For the same reason, I do not have a specific workshop program. Other than the fundamentals of photography, anything else that I choose to teach in each workshop depends entirely on what the participants would like to learn.


Moreover, during my past workshops, I have observed an increased interaction between dentists and dental technicians in the practice of their respective  professions. Dentists are interested in highlighting the various laboratory stages, while dental technicians are more and more keen to obtain beautiful shots of their dental work. There is therefore no specific workshop content that is exclusive to either one or the other profession.



The understanding and mastery of basic controls and camera functions are crucial. During my workshops, I break down in simple terms the following notions:

-  Focusing Framing

-  Framing and Composition

-  Aperture and Shutter speed

- Depth of field

However, you will observe during the workshop that I put a lot of emphasis on the most important element of photography:


Hope to see you soon in one of my workshops !


1. Who can sign up for the workshops ?

Anyone who would like to learn the basic techniques of photography and see his/her

profession in a whole new perspective! My teaching methods cater for all skill levels.

That is why I have no more than 4 persons at any one time in my workshops. It gives

me more flexibility to understand and respond to the needs of each individual.

2. What equipment do I require ?

I normally ask each participant to attend a workshop equipped with a SLR camera, a macro (close up) lens and a compatible external flash. In case you don’t have the necessary equipment or would like to have some guidance on what type and model of equipment to purchase, please contact me.

3. What are the fees and terms and conditions of participation ?

My fees are 850 € per participant for one whole date (09:00h to 17:00h).


A 10% deposit is normally requested for a booking. If a person cancels less than 3 days before the date of the workshop, the deposit will be forfeited.

A workshop may be canceled in case several participants call off their participation or in case of any other unforeseen event that makes the holding of the workshop difficult. Should this arise, you will be informed as soon as possible and be refunded your deposit.


My workshops normally take place in Lyon, but I may hold the workshop elsewhere upon request. In such a case, transport and accommodation costs are borne by the participants, and are payable in advance at the time of final confirmation of the workshop booking.


4. Are the workshops customizable ?

My workshops may be tailor-made as follows:-

o Individual one-to-one workshops; or

o Groups of more than 4 persons


Kindly get in touch with me for a personalized quote.


The objective of my workshops is to introduce to participants the basic techniques of photography in a simple, clear and methodical manner, and awaken their  creative spark. My main philosophy is all about keeping things simple, while ensuring that the participants leave the workshops with a firm grasp of the key fundamentals of photography and of how they can apply their new skills to their  professions.


I therefore invite you to embrace this wonderful art and integrate it in your daily practice, not just so that you may showcase your work, but also so that your photographs become a reflection of your creativity and your passion.


The workshops will enable both dentists and technicians in these aspects:

- Communication between the dental office and the laboratory

- Aesthetic analysis

- Clinical control

- Communication with the patient

- Color and shade taking

- Showcasing laboratory work

- Intra and extra oral shots

- Portraiture