I am a dental technician, photographer and instructor. I left my home country, the beautiful island

of Mauritius, more than 20 years back to come to work and live in Lyon, France.


When I started working as a dental technician, little did I know that photography would one day hold such a big part of my professional career. Like many people, photography was originally just a

wonderful tool to capture memories. I took great delight in photographing my friends and family. However, my interest in photography quickly grew into a full-blown passion, and I soon found myself beginning to explore ways and means of integrating the techniques I was learning with my work as a dental technician.


I shared some photographs of my work on line platforms, and I one day received an invitation to conduct a workshop to teach dental photography techniques. Subsequently, occasional requests for photography courses became more frequent, and within a few years, I found myself holding regular dental photography workshops for both dentists and technicians in France and all over the world,

including countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Libya, Algeria, Russia, as well as my home country, Mauritius. These workshops have now become an integral part of my professional path.


Although I have explored and discovered various types of photography, due to my work, I am currently specialized in dental macro-photography, products shots and portraiture.


You can have a look at my photographs on my workshop page. Should you be interested in a workshop to learn about how you can showcase your work as a professional in the dental industry or just to learn more about photography techniques in general, feel free to contact me.